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    Planet Before Profit

Smart cities use green hydrogen 

Project "Avalon" is a world first, a unique new development which combines innovative renewable energy / green hydrogen production, vertical farming, low carbon housebuilding and a biodiversity reserve, to create a sustainable community which helps meet four UK development goals:

(1) Energy decarbonisation - Avalon delivers significant cost reductions when generating and storing renewable energy and green hydrogen, solving the intermittency issue with wind and solar energy and helping to balance the UK energy grid with sustainable zero carbon energy.

(2) Sustainable agriculture - Avalon combines innovative high efficiency and pesticide free vertical farming with our low cost zero carbon energy production, resulting in almost total decarbonisation of food production and elimination of pesticides. The increased productivity reduces costs for consumers and improves ROI for investors.

(3) Housing & construction - Using Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) combined with Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) we reduce our construction times by almost 50%, increasing productivity and reducing costs, resulting in more affordable, low carbon homes.

(4) Environment & biodiversity - Devoting over 100 acres to lakes, wetlands, meadows and forests yields huge increases in biodiversity with major reductions in carbon emissions and particulate air pollution, improving public health and well being.

We achieve these ambitious goals within a commercially viable business model with outstanding ROI and have assembled a world class team and supply chain partners. 

Currently over 95% of global hydrogen production relies on an energy intensive fossil fuel based process known as "Steam methane reforming" (SMR). In August 2020 the International Energy Authority stated: "In 2019, grey hydrogen produced using SMR, generated over 830 million tonnes of carbon dioxide". 

Avalon demonstrates an economically viable alternative to SMR which produces affordable, zero carbon green hydrogen. 

Producing 18,900 Kg of green hydrogen per day, our renewable energy plant will decarbonise the entire city plus an additional 15,000 existing homes in the surrounding region. Our investors will have a clear conscience knowing they have contributed to major decarbonisation of UK energy and food production, enhanced energy and food security, improved public health and well being and protected the environment and biodiversity for future generations.

"Avalon generates excellent ROI because of our "Planet Before Profit" ethos, not in spite of it.

In 2022 Japans new Hydrogen-powered city at the base of Mount Fuji will provide 1,000 homes for Toyota staff an​d families.

Energy minister announces plans for the Hydrogen economy in Japan to reach $150 Billion by 2030 

Local, national and international ​benefits

Avalon demonstrates how we all can live, work and travel without damaging the planet or disrupting our lifestyles.

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 "Green Hydrogen will play a pivotal role in achieving an affordable, clean and prosperous economic recovery from the Covid 19 recession, creating new green jobs and economic growth. By 2030 total EU investments in the green hydrogen economy are estimated to be over 430 billion Euro". Source - Hydrogen Europe 2020 report

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History in the making 

"Renewable power will become the largest area of spending in the energy industry in 2021, on our estimates, surpassing upstream oil & gas for the first time in history, with potential to drive US $1-2 Trillion per annum of green infrastructure investments and create 15-20 million jobs worldwide" Source - Goldman Sachs 2020 Carbonomics report.

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" Hydrogen will play a hugely important role in the future for heating our homes and businesses" Jamie Greene MSP Chairman.

World's first commercial green Hydrogen project powered by surplus renewables is also set to become the first project to use green hydrogen as energy storage.

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Hydrogen Economy transition 

The UK government is currently half way through the certification process to blend 20% Hydrogen into the mains gas supply and aims to roll this out nationwide by 2024.

Transitioning from fossil fuels to green Hydrogen is the most efficient and cost-effective way to reduce UK carbon emissions from homes and buildings. It removes significantly more carbon per £ invested compared to any retro-fit programme. Insulation and double glazing can only reduce carbon emissions, switching to green hydrogen totally eliminates carbon emissions. 

Worcester Bosch has a range of production-ready Hydrogen compatible boilers which can run on existing fossil fuel gas, blended Hydrogen or pure Hydrogen with no modification ensuring a seamless transition.

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