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    Pl‚Äčanet Before Profit

Smart cities use green hydrogen 

Avalon is a world first, a unique new development which combines innovative renewable energy / green hydrogen production, vertical farming, low carbon housebuilding and a biodiversity reserve, to create a sustainable community which helps meet four UK development goals:

(1) Energy decarbonisation - Avalon delivers significant cost reductions when generating and storing renewable energy and green hydrogen, solving the intermittency issue with wind and solar energy and helping to balance the UK energy grid with sustainable zero carbon energy.

(2) Sustainable agriculture - Avalon combines efficient vertical farming with our low cost zero carbon energy production, resulting in almost total decarbonisation of food production and elimination of pesticides. The increased productivity reduces costs for consumers and improves ROI for investors.

(3) Low carbon Housing - Using green hydrogen to produce the cement and transport the concrete plus Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) combined with Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) results in a 50% reduction of carbon emissions and a 50% increase in productivity. 

(4) Environment & biodiversity - Devoting over 100 acres to lakes, wetlands, meadows and forests yields huge increases in biodiversity with major reductions in carbon emissions and particulate air pollution, improving public health and well being.

We achieve these ambitious goals within a commercially viable business model with outstanding ROI and have assembled a world class team and supply chain partners. 

Our investors will have a clear conscience knowing they have helped decarbonise UK energy and food production, enhanced energy and food security, improved public health and well being and protected the environment and biodiversity for future generations.

"Avalon generates excellent ROI because of our "Planet Before Profit" ethos, not in spite of it. Derek Wilson, Founder and CEO.

Global view - The worlds energy policies are changing rapidly as the need to decarbonise every sector becomes more urgent on a daily basis, driven by irrefutable scientific evidence, collapsing ecosystems and unprecedented extinction rates of global biodiversity. 

EU view - "We are investing in green hydrogen like never before, over 750 Billion Euros and replacing outdated fossil fuel energy policies to partner with the private sector."  European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen Jan 2021. 

"The UK government is providing political and financial support for the green hydrogen economy and the village of Winlaton is about to get its 670 homes powered by green hydrogen as part of the nationwide rollout to blend hydrogen, at 20% by volume, into the UK mains gas pipe network". H2 View Feb 2021.

"Sweden will soon be home to the worlds first zero carbon steel factory powered by green hydrogen." CNBC Feb 2021.