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    Pl​anet Before Profit

Secure and affordable green hydrogen 

"Imagine if your local community had its own zero carbon energy cooperative, immune from fossil fuel volatility and able to provide secure and affordable energy 24/7/365 regardless of the weather or global energy prices... Thats what we do!" Derek Wilson, CEO.

(1) Save over 25% compared to fossil fuelsUsing wind and solar energy we produce green hydrogen and deliver significant cost reductions compared to fossil fuels.

(2) Energy security 24/7/365 - Regardless of weather or global energy prices, we replace fossil fuel volatility with green hydrogen stability.

(3) Zero carbon living - Green hydrogen can power new and existing homes, offices, factories and buildings, plus road/rail transport and agricultural vehicles. This reduces local carbon emissions and particulate air pollution, improving public health and well being.

(4) Investing in local communities - Our business model is both ethical and profitable, creating skilled jobs, returning profits to the local community and restoring biodiversity and protecting the environment. 

"The UK government is providing political and financial support for the green hydrogen economy and the village of Winlaton is about to get its 670 homes powered by green hydrogen as part of the nationwide rollout to blend hydrogen, at 20% by volume, into the UK mains gas pipe network". H2 View Feb 2021.

Hydrogen solves energy storage - "This one underground storage facility provides 150,000 MWh of renewable power storage capacity, nearly 150 times the current U.S. installed lithium-ion battery storage base." CNBC News.