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    Planet Before Profit

Welcome to Our Blog

How to Build Canada’s First Hydrogen Node in the Greater Edmonton Region - November 2020

Event Sept 16th 2020 ZCC founder Derek Wilson will be a guest speaker at 12:15 GMT:

Event Sept 22nd 2020 ZCC founder Derek Wilson will be a guest speaker at 16:00 GMT: 

In this TedEx talk, Paul explains some of the remarkable science behind the need for preserving and replanting old growth forest and how fungi are essential to all of us: 

A must read book "6 Degrees - Our Final Warning". This is the single most important book on climate change:

The "The Uninhabitable Earth" by David - Wallace Wells. It is based on the predictions of a group of 50 atmospheric scientists, marine biologists, chemists and physicists who believe we are close to the carbon dioxide to methane tipping point:  

National Geographic article on why we must replant and restore ecosystems and enhance biodiversity.

A superb graphic illustrating the benefits of a green hydrogen based economy: 

Mitsubishi Power receives over $3 Billion of orders for its breakthrough technology to replace natural gas with green hydrogen in turbines.

UK university reveals unsustainable agriculture on a huge scale: Sheep farming receives over £1 Billion a year in tax payers subsidies, uses 20% of UK land area, produces huge quantities of methane and employs very few (around 35,000) workers. If we replanted the land used by sheep with natural woodlands and commercial forestry, peat bogs and meadows we would save over £1 Billion a year, employ over ten times the workers (around 350,000) eliminate the methane, sequestrate huge amounts of carbon and massively increase UK biodiversity.

The state of Delaware takes legal action against Exxon for historical and ongoing environmental damage to the environment. This is adding to the international pressure for governments and the UN to adopt Ecocide legislation to give global biodiversity legal protection.

Just 161 companies are responsible for over 80% of global carbon emissions, only the rapid implementation of Ecocide legislation will force the company directors to place "Planet Before Profit" and ensure biodiversity, ecosystems and indigenous people are protected.

Grove Auto Hydrogen fuel cell car

The Grove Auto "Granite" Hydrogen fuel cell car is the most advanced concept car currently under development.

Learn more: 

Jan 2020 - South Korea plans to build 3 Hydrogen cities within 3 years and use Hydrogen to power 30% of all towns by 2040.

Learn more: 

Mitsubishi Industries back the Hydrogen economy. 

“The public and private sectors need to be keenly aware of the changing energy landscape and support the bold initiative of a truly decarbonised hydrogen society" 

Learn more: 

Recent government commitments for large-scale production and consumption of hydrogen are rapidly establishing deep foundations for a hydrogen economy.”  World Energy Organisation 

Learn more:

Arup back the Hydrogen economy and detail UK government policies to boost growth and collaboration between government and the private sector, shaping the future demand, change consumer perception and create the strong supply chains needed to allow the hydrogen economy to thrive.

Learn more: 

Yongqing Bao photo credit

Damn... I thought climate change had made you guys extinct!

Jan 2020 - Toyota unveils plans for Hydrogen-powered smart city with 1,000 homes at the base of Mount Fuji in Japan.

Learn more:

The £27.9 Billion annual UK fossil fuel duty tax will be lost if battery-powered vehicles are implemented at scale. Hydrogen fuel cell cars can refuel at existing fuel stations in 5 mins, maintain the current rate of fuel duty tax and retail at a lower cost than fossil fuels.

Learn more: 

“Hydrogen is one of the leading options for storing energy from renewables and looks promising to be a lowest-cost option for storing electricity over days, weeks or even months”.

Learn more:

 " By 2030 the cost of hydrogen solutions will fall by up to 50%." 

This McKinsey & Company study is based on real industry data, with 25,000 data points gathered and analysed from 30 companies.

Learn more:

Hyundai Nexo has a 609-kilometre range on a single charge (under Korean certification standards) and emits only clean water vapor and purifies the air while driving, filtering 99.9 percent of ultra-fine particles in the process.