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"The Danish people will enjoy multiple economic and environmental benefits from the proposed corporate carbon tax to meet climate target with a $164 per ton" - Reuters - April 2022

"Ultra-light liquid hydrogen tanks promise to make jet fuel obsolete" - New Atlas - April 2022 

"GE joins the race to switch from fossil fuel gas to green hydrogen fuelled gas turbines with first hydrogen burn at Long Ridge HA-Class Gas Turbine" - Power Mag - April 2022

"Green Ammonia and Hydrogen now cheaper than fossil fuels: Green hydrogen can be separated out from this ammonia to sell at about $1.50 a kg, compared to traditional green H2 which sells for up to $15 a kg. Even at $.08/kWh the production of green Ammonia and releasing Hydrogen from it will be lower cost than any hydrocarbon fuel." - PR Newswire - April 2022 

"German aerospace company H2FLY has a new world altitude record with its four-seat HY4, which became the first hydrogen-powered passenger aircraft to reach an altitude above 7,000 ft (approx. 2,135 m) last week - Clean Technica - April 2022 

"Hydrogen-powered ferry prepares to launch in San Francisco Bay" - Reuters - April 2022 

EU backs another US$1bn green hydrogen project - "Danish investment firm Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP) to build a green hydrogen and ammonia project in Portugal with an investment of $1.07 billion - PV-tech - April 2022 

USA increases investment in green hydrogen - "DOE close to loaning $500 million for world’s largest green hydrogen plant" Solar Power World - April 2022  

Waste plastic to hydrogen is an exciting sector with huge potential" Aleksandra Binkowska, CEO of Hydrogen Utopia - April 2022. 

"The market growth for hydrogen will be enormous, annual global sales estimates for hydrogen and related technology at $2.5 trillion per year by 2050.Andy Steinhubl, a former McKinsey Senior Partner and GHI board member - March 2022  

"EU Commission calls for quadrupling of hydrogen production by 2030." EU Commission vice president Frans Timmermans - March 2022 

"Scotland's bold offshore wind leap sets up global hydrogen role" Reuters March 2022

"We believe it is now time to revisit the clean hydrogen theme as policy, affordability and scalability seem to be converging to create unprecedented momentum for the clean hydrogen economy." Goldman Sachs - February 2022

“Like the rest of Britain’s gas networks, Wales has outlined how it will meet the Government’s goal of having gas pipes ready to deliver up to 20% hydrogen to homes and businesses across the country by 2023." Energy News Agency - Feb 2022

"US senators express bipartisan support for hydrogen as states vie to become hydrogen hubs" Utility Dive - Feb 2022 

"Cactus Energia plans to invest 5 billion euros in a green hydrogen plant in Ceará, Brasil." Hydrogen Central - Feb 2022

"Hydrogen is an $11 Trillion opportunity which solves energy storage - This one underground storage facility provides 150,000 MWh of renewable power storage capacity, nearly 150 times the current U.S. installed lithium-ion battery storage base" Bank of America Jan 2022

James May road tests his new Toyota Mirai Hydrogen Fuel Cell car and loves it! 

"More than 80% of global energy companies are investing in green hydrogen or considering entering the market" - Dec 2021

"USA backs green hydrogen as the worlds leading zero carbon fuel in a $21.5 Billion investment" - Dec 2021

"Hyzon Motors expand their range of zero emission hydrogen powered trucks" Dec 2021 

"Australian 3 GW PV solar to hydrogen project includes Stanwell Corporation, Iwatani Corporation and Kawasaki Heavy Industries, will produce 100,000 Kg per day by 2026 and 300,000 Kg tonnes per day of green hydrogen by 2031" - Dec 2021

"Air Products, Thyssenkrupp ink electrolysis plant deal for Saudi Arabia’s $5bn green hydrogen project" - Dec 2021

"National Employment Savings Trust (NEST) drop Exxon stock as part of their decarbonisation plans, the £20 Billion investment firm, is one of many global firms abandoning fossil fuel companies which are rapidly becoming stranded assets" Dec 2021

"EU backs green hydrogen production and reaches for hydrogen stars as economics shift" - Reuters Dec 2021

"$3.00 per Kg tax credit for USA green hydrogen production fast tracks USA green hydrogen economy - November 2021

"Australian $Billionare invests $8 Billion into green hydrogen" - Nov 2021

Middle Eastern countries invest $12 Billion in green hydrogen production - Oct 2021 

"Ford is teaming up with AVL Powertrain UK to create a new Transit hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) prototype as it further explores the use of hydrogen technologies for the mobility sector.  H2 View - Sept 2021  

"Record high power prices make case for faster green transition, EU says"  Reuters -Sept 2021"Its a really great engine" Jeremy Clarkston drives the new JCB internal combustion engine fuelled with zero carbon hydrogen JCB Video Sept 2021

"Airbus and Rolls Royce are all developing hydrogen powered jet engines"  H2 View - Sept 2021

"BMW and Audi are investing £Billions in Hydrogen powered cars, calculating that a change in political winds could shift the balance towards hydrogen in an industry shaped by early-mover Tesla's (TSLA.O) decision to take the battery-powered road to clean cars."  Reuters Sept 2021 

"Another multi £ Billion investment in UK wind and wind to hydrogen"  Renewables Now- Sept 2021 

"Governments and companies are setting distant targets for net zero by 2040 or 2050, this is like waking up in the middle of the night, seeing your house is on fire and then deciding to wait 10, 20 or 30 years before calling the fire department whilst labelling those who are trying to wake people up as alarmists."  Greta Thunberg. World Economic Forum, Davos - 2021.

" Titan Hydrogen claims to have developed a new technology that can increase fuel cell efficiency by as much as 60 percent, effectively doubling H2 vehicle driving range." Hydrogen Fuel News Sept -2021

"In the past three decades, BP, Shell, Chevron and Exxon have made a profit of roughly US $2 tn. Over half of all industrial greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere today can be traced to these and 20 other fossil fuel companies. Dr Andrew Forrest AO calls for a global hydrogen accreditation scheme - Sept 2021. 

"Millions of tonnes of toxic waste from recycled lithium batteries are about to become a huge global issue" Dana Thompson, materials scientist at the University of Leicester. May 2021.

"The world can transition to 100% zero carbon/green hydrogen energy by 2035, the only question is are we willing to pay the $ bill?  Denmark has said YES." March 2021. 

“Food systems were responsible for 34% of all human-caused greenhouse gas emissions in 2015, 71% of food emissions came from agriculture and associated land use and land-use change activities, the rest stemmed from retail, transport, consumption, fuel production, waste management, industrial processes and packaging."  Nature Magazine. March 2021.

"More than half of global GDP depends on high-functioning biodiversity and ecosystem services, including pollinators and soil microorganisms which are critical for food production, that’s a cool $41.7 trillion."  Swiss Re Institute. March 2021.

"Water Crisis -The World Health Organization estimates that in less than four years, half of the world’s population will be living in water-stressed areas."  Bloomberg Green. March 2021. 

"About as fundamental as it gets, we must stop drenching the land with toxic pesticides/insecticides and fertilisers, industrial waste and pumping human sewerage out to sea, out of sight, out of mind is not good enough."  World Economic Forum Davos Agenda. March 2021. 

Zero carbon green hydrogen is poised to replace  fossil fuels on an unprecedented scale: There’s no point building fossil fuel assets now that will be of no use in a few years, skip the transition and go straight to clean assets by spending on the right projects now. We need to make the investments to create sustainable societies.”  Frans Timmermans, the European Commission’s executive vice-president. April 2021. 

" Over 506,000 gallons (2.3 million liters) of highly dangerous banned chemical pesticides have been sprayed over 4.7 million acres (1.9 million hectares) in a futile attempt to reduce the locust population. Three of the four chemicals —chlorpyrifos, fenitrothion, and malathion—are broad-spectrum organophosphates, widely used pesticides sometimes referred to as “junior-strength nerve agents” because of their kinship to Sarin gas. The other, deltamethrin, is a synthetic pyrethroid  is especially toxic to bees and fish."  National Geographic. March 2021.

 "$1.5bn plans unveiled to integrate hydrogen into the northwest German coastline."  H2 View. March 2021 

"Clean hydrogen has the potential to aid the de-carbonization of approx. 45% of global anthropogenic emissions addressing key ‘hard to de-carbonize’ sectors, including long-haul transport, steel, chemicals, heating and long-term power storage. Goldman Sachs. Sept 2020. 

"Carbon dioxide emissions must fall by the equivalent of a global lockdown roughly every two years for the next decade for the world to keep within safe limits of global heating, as required by the Paris agreement."  The Guardian. March 2021.

The most radical change in global energy policy in 100 years... "We are investing in green hydrogen like never before, over 750 Billion Euros and replacing outdated fossil fuel energy policy to partner with the private sector."  European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen. Jan 2021.

“It’s incredible to think that just when nations are facing an emergency that could eventually end human life on this planet, despite every study, every report and the clear warnings from scientists throughout the world, many nations are sticking to their business-as-usual approach,”  Patricia Espinosa - Secretary of the United Nations Convention on Climate Change. Feb 2021 

"The false sense of security that climate change is linear and predictable has now been shattered, the forest ecosystems are about to collapse and release vast amounts of carbon and methane into the atmosphere.National Geographic. March 2021.

"Over $300 Billion of investment into the green hydrogen economy is reducing production costs rapidly."  Hydrogen Council. Feb 2021. 

"The most effective way to protect and restore ecosystems and biodiversity is to support the Ecocide legislation."  Eco Watch. March 2021 

"When we harm biodiversity, we self-harm"  This outstanding series of interviews and peer reviewed science is a superb source of knowledge on biodiversity, ecosystems and why we must restore and protect them. Synchronicity Earth. March 2021. 

"Scientists are concerned by falling sperm counts and declining egg quality, Endocrine-disrupting chemicals may be the problem and they are everywhere: Plastics, shampoos, cosmetics, cushions, pesticides, canned foods and A.T.M. receipts, they often aren’t on labels and can be difficult to avoid."  New York Times. Feb 2021.

"The emperors new clothes cost $14 Trillion: The insanity of "upgrading" last centuries fossil fuel derived energy transportation is laid bare. For less than half this price the world can transition to a 100% zero carbon green hydrogen economy. Using proven and affordable technology to capture, store and transport solar and wind energy."  Derek Wilson. March 2021. 

"500 Kg lighter than the Tesla and $5,000 cheaper, this stunning new Toyota Mirai hydrogen fuel cell vehicle has a genuine 400 mile (640 Km) all weather range, refuels in under 5 minutes and has a 100% recyclable fuel cell with over twice the life expectancy of the toxic lithium batteries used in battery powered vehicles."  Derek Wilson. March 2021.

"UK village of Winlaton is first to get its 670 homes powered by green hydrogen as part of the nationwide rollout to blend hydrogen, at 20% by volume, into the UK mains gas pipe network."  HyDeploy UK. Feb 2021. 

"Sweden will soon be home to the worlds first zero carbon steel factory powered by green hydrogen."  CNBC. Feb 2021. 

"World moves to "Red Alert" status as climate emergency worsens due to constantly rising emissions."  BBC. Feb 2021. 

 "Why the world needs to implement Ecocide legislation into international law - Facebook would have to face criminal charges for knowingly facilitating illegal activities which result in ecosystem damage/destruction."  Derek Wilson. Feb 2021.  

"South African investment in the green hydrogen economy will create a $160 Billion export market." Engineering News. Feb 2021.

"Regenerative agriculture increases biodiversity, increases crop yields and reduces chemical use."  Good News Network. Feb 2021. 

"There is no vaccine against climate change"  The Brussels Times. Feb 2021.

"Massive overfishing using destructive bottom trawling industrial methods are decimating marine biodiversity and have reduced global fish stocks by over 90% in the last 50 years."  Where's The Fish.Org. Feb 2021. 

"Shocking new study reveals the Arctic permafrost is melting faster than our worst case scenarios and will release up to four times more carbon than the combined amount of CO2 modern humans have emitted."  Science Alert. Feb 2021. 

"Diverse Mangrove swamps have higher carbon storage." Feb 2021.  

"Restoring forests and integrating sustainable agriculture can benefit both people and the planet."  Ecosystem Restoration Camps. 2021. 

"Global investment is rapidly reducing production costs and accelerating the transition from fossil fuels to a green hydrogen based economy."  Bullion Vault. Feb 2021. 

"Huge public support for Wildlife Trusts campaign to ban toxic pesticides banned in the UK."  Wildlife Trusts. Feb 2021. 

"Green hydrogen compatible domestic boilers are available today and the cost less than half the price of heat pumps."  BBC. Feb 2021.   

"Ocean acidification is far more dangerous than sea level rise." Age of Awareness. Feb 2021.

"Growing international support to protect global ecosystems and biodiversity with "Ecocide" legislation."  The Guardian. Feb 2021. 

"Nigerian farmers and Friends of the Earth win historic court case against Shell oil."  FOE. Feb 2021. 

"The UK must follow the USA lead and form a government backed hydrogen coalition to accelerate the growth of the green hydrogen economy."  Derek Wilson. Feb 2021.

"The fashion industry produces 100 billion garments a year, 92 million tonnes of them get thrown out and the synthetic fibres used in 72% of our clothes take 200 years to decompose."  Thred. Jan 2021.

"Sharks and rays are close to extinction due to overfishing"  University of Exeter. Jan 2021.

Bloomberg explain the numbers and market potential of the green hydrogen economy. Bloomberg. Dec 2020.

Billionaire investor Sir Jim Ratcliffe invests in Hydrogen fuel cell version to power is new Grenadier 4*4 vehicles. Money Magazine. Nov 2020. 

Paul Stamets explains some of the remarkable science behind the need for preserving and replanting old growth forest and how fungi are essential to all of us. 

A must read book "6 Degrees - Our Final Warning". This is the single most important book on climate change. Nov 2020. 

"The Uninhabitable Earth" by David - Wallace Wells. It is based on the predictions of a group of 50 atmospheric scientists, marine biologists, chemists and physicists who believe we are close to the carbon dioxide to methane tipping point. July 2020.  

National Geographic article on why we must replant and restore ecosystems and enhance biodiversity. April 2020.

A superb graphic illustrating the benefits of a green hydrogen based economy. 

Mitsubishi Power receives over $3 Billion of orders for its breakthrough technology to replace natural gas with green hydrogen in turbines. Business Wire. June 2020.

UK university reveals unsustainable agriculture on a huge scale: "Sheep farming receives over £1 Billion a year in tax payers subsidies, uses 20% of UK land area, produces huge quantities of methane and employs very few (around 35,000) workers. If we replanted the land used by sheep with natural woodlands and commercial forestry, peat bogs and meadows we would save over £1 Billion a year, employ over ten times the workers (around 350,000) eliminate the methane, sequestrate huge amounts of carbon and massively increase UK biodiversity."  Iop Science. April 2020. 

The state of Delaware takes legal action against Exxon for historical and ongoing environmental damage to the environment. This is adding to the international pressure for governments and the UN to adopt Ecocide legislation to give global biodiversity legal protection. The Hill. June 2020.

Just 161 companies are responsible for over 80% of global carbon emissions, only the rapid implementation of Ecocide legislation will force the company directors to place "Planet Before Profit" and ensure biodiversity, ecosystems and indigenous people are protected. Reuters. June 2020.

Grove Auto Hydrogen fuel cell car

The Grove Auto "Granite" Hydrogen fuel cell car is the most advanced concept car currently under development.

Learn more: 

Jan 2020 - South Korea plans to build 3 Hydrogen cities within 3 years and use Hydrogen to power 30% of all towns by 2040.

Learn more: 

Mitsubishi Industries back the Hydrogen economy. 

“The public and private sectors need to be keenly aware of the changing energy landscape and support the bold initiative of a truly decarbonised hydrogen society" 

Learn more: 

Recent government commitments for large-scale production and consumption of hydrogen are rapidly establishing deep foundations for a hydrogen economy.”  World Energy Organisation 

Learn more:

Arup back the Hydrogen economy and detail UK government policies to boost growth and collaboration between government and the private sector, shaping the future demand, change consumer perception and create the strong supply chains needed to allow the hydrogen economy to thrive.

Learn more: 

Yongqing Bao photo credit

Damn... I thought climate change had made you guys extinct!

Jan 2020 - Toyota unveils plans for Hydrogen-powered smart city with 1,000 homes at the base of Mount Fuji in Japan.

Learn more:

The £27.9 Billion annual UK fossil fuel duty tax will be lost if battery-powered vehicles are implemented at scale. Hydrogen fuel cell cars can refuel at existing fuel stations in 5 mins, maintain the current rate of fuel duty tax and retail at a lower cost than fossil fuels.

Learn more: 

“Hydrogen is one of the leading options for storing energy from renewables and looks promising to be a lowest-cost option for storing electricity over days, weeks or even months”.

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 " By 2030 the cost of hydrogen solutions will fall by up to 50%." 

This McKinsey & Company study is based on real industry data, with 25,000 data points gathered and analysed from 30 companies.

Learn more:

Hyundai Nexo has a 609-kilometre range on a single charge (under Korean certification standards) and emits only clean water vapor and purifies the air while driving, filtering 99.9 percent of ultra-fine particles in the process.