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    Pl​anet Before Profit

"When we harm biodiversity, we self-harm"

Derek Wilson - "Planet Before Profit" 2001

Biodiversity is every breath you will ever take, every drink of water and mouthful of food you ever swallow, and every living creature, plant and organism you will ever see. Biodiversity made you, your parents, grandparents and every human that has ever lived. Without biodiversity, the Earth becomes Mars, a silent, barren rock floating in space devoid of all life.

To quote Sir David Attenborough:

" We face the collapse of everything." Feb 2021. 

"Consider the following facts: Today, we ourselves, together with the livestock we rear for food, constitute 96% of the mass of all mammals on the planet. Only 4% is everything else – from elephants to badgers, from moose to monkeys and 70% of all birds alive at this moment are poultry – mostly chickens for us to eat. We are destroying biodiversity, the very characteristic, that until recently enabled the natural world to flourish so abundantly. If we continue this damage, whole ecosystems will collapse. That is now a real risk." Sir David Attenborough Feb 2021

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On the first day of the new millennium, the UN announced the start of the largest and most comprehensive scientific study in history, an environmental audit of Earths ability to continue to support human life. Learn more

The results of this 4-year study were so alarming that politicians and business leaders the world over shied away from talking about them and made no effort to base policy or business models on the peer-reviewed science and recommendations made in the reports. Now 20 years later, multiple IPPC, CCC and NGO reports have validated the peer-reviewed science and recommendations in the MA reports.

The single most effective way to protect biodiversity is to support the urgent implementation of the Ecocide legislation 

"The false sense of security that climate change is linear and predictable has now been shattered, the forest ecosystems are about to collapse and release vast amounts of carbon and methane into the atmosphere."      

Humanity must find ways to slow down and then reverse the current mass extinction of biodiversity, to protect and restore the Earth's degraded land and marine ecosystems which have lost most or all of their natural biodiversity. As a species, our survival depends on maintaining the balance of nature with the astonishingly diverse range of plants, insects and animals which have evolved over millions of years to maintain the ecosystems which provide our atmosphere, water and food supplies. 

We are all familiar with the concept of 100's of different nationalities, races, cultures and religious communities and we maintain strong connections with our different cultural heritages.

But humanity has lost its connection with the most important community of all, the wider community of 8 million diverse but interdependent species which have created and shaped the land, the oceans and even the air we breathe.

For over 1 billion years, bacteria to brontosaurus, insects to elephants and plankton to polar bears, this diverse community of species have shaped the planet into the collective home that we call Earth.

Humans are currently destroying biodiversity at an unprecedented rate, we must stop and then reverse this self-destructive behaviour. 

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“Business as usual is no longer an option”

Sir David Attenborough March 2021.

If we allow the major fossil fuel companies to continue to extract their current reserves over the next 10 years, the resulting carbon and methane emissions will take the world past 3 degrees of global warming. 

This tipping point triggers the global release of 1.8 Trillion tones of carbon dioxide and methane gas with over 80 times the global warming power of the existing carbon dioxide in our atmosphere.

Imagine the ferocity of the inferno when the 2030 Australian bushfires have 80 times more greenhouse gasses fuelling them compared to the 2020 fires.

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Dr Jane Goodall - Her compassion and wisdom are remarkable, please listen to her she is amazing. 

This is a great source of current and accurate peer-reviewed science