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    Pl​anet Before Profit

Smart cities use green hydrogen 

Pandora will be the UK’s first carbon-negative smart city running on its own green Hydrogen fuel, using Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) and ultra low carbon materials. Our beautiful homes, office buildings, schools, retail and leisure facilities will feature state of the art digital connectivity, security and air quality control. The beating heart of Pandora is a stunning 150 acre biodiversity reserve designed to enhance our residents well being and protect the natural world for both present and future generations.

Our Planet Before Profit ethos is embedded from the ground up, combining renewable wind and solar power to feed unique PEM Hydrogen electrolysers, energy storage and a Hydrogen refuelling station. Pandora captures all its own rainwater and produces its own organic food on 150 acres of land with the latest vertical farming and Hydroponics technology. 

In 2022 Japans new Hydrogen-powered city at the base of Mount Fuji will provide 1,000 homes for Toyota staff an​d families.

Energy minister announces plans for the Hydrogen economy in Japan to reach $150 Billion by 2030 

Local, national and international ​benefits

Pandora features 5,000 homes but our renewable energy plant generates enough clean power for over 15,000 homes, enabling us to decarbonise surrounding towns by feeding surplus zero carbon Hydrogen or electricity into the national grid. Pandora demonstrates how we all can live, work and travel without damaging the planet or disrupting our lifestyles. It is a blueprint for sustainable development and smart cities, establishing a new benchmark for national/international clean growth to transition from a fossil fuel-based economy to a hydrogen-based economy.  

Pandora provides energy security for the UK, boosts our balance of payments by reducing energy import costs, and represents a massive economic opportunity with up to one million new high skill jobs and retraining opportunities in the UK Hydrogen economy by 2040. "Globally Hydrogen presents the world with a significant opportunity to decarbonise our energy system, contributing to a more secure, affordable and sustainable future. With increasing support from  governments, including adequate policy schemes, a mature hydrogen economy could help abate 6 Gt of annual CO2 emissions and result in $2.5 trillion in annual sales, creating 30 million jobs worldwide."

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" Hydrogen will play a hugely important role in the future for heating our homes and businesses" Jamie Greene MSP Chairman.

World's first commercial green Hydrogen project powered by surplus renewables is also set to become the first project to use green hydrogen as energy storage.

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Hydrogen Economy transition 

The UK government is currently running a pilot project (HyDeploy) blending 20% Hydrogen into the mains gas supply and aims to roll this out nationwide by 2024.

Worcester Bosch has a range of production-ready Hydrogen compatible boilers which can run on existing fossil fuel gas, blended Hydrogen or pure Hydrogen with no modification ensuring a seamless transition.

Switching from fossil fuels to green Hydrogen is the most efficient and cost-effective way to reduce UK carbon emissions from homes and buildings. It removes significantly more carbon per £ invested compared to a national homes and buildings insulation programme. Insulation can only reduce carbon emissions from heating  Vs switching to green hydrogen which eliminates carbon emissions entirely. 

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