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    Pl​anet Before Profit

"Every six hours enough solar energy hits the deserts of the world to provide 100% of humanities energy needs for one year"

This astonishing fact can help decarbonise our world  

by using sunshine and or wind power combined with hydrogen electrolyser technology we provide affordable and secure zero carbon energy, replacing fossil fuel volatility with green hydrogen stability.

You provide the land, we provide the infrastructure

Our modular solutions can be deployed on just a few acres or scaled to power entire cities. Our energy generation, storage and transportation infrastructure is safe and discrete and can be deployed rapidly.

Our proposal is a simple no risk win win deal

We pay all the upfront planning and development costs plus the infrastructure costs. You provide the land. We both share in the profits. We offer a genuine and ethical win win ROI.

The big picture

We meet multiple local & national sustainability goals, improve local peoples health and wellbeing, respect the natural world by making the green hydrogen economy work for everyone.

True zero carbon transport

From HGV's, busses and vans to planes, trains and shipping we can decarbonise your fleet and improve the air quality for local people helping to create sustainable communities. 

Cheaper than fossil fuels

Our January 2022 UK production cost of green hydrogen is under £1.00 per Kg - We can reduce your energy costs, increase your energy security and reduce your carbon emissions.