Planet Before Profit

"Every six hours enough solar energy hits the deserts of the world to provide 100% of humanities energy needs for one year"

This astonishing fact can help decarbonise our world  

Zero Carbon Consultants Ltd (ZCC) offers consultancy and advice on how to reduce carbon emissions, pollution and waste, in order to become truly sustainable.

Based on proven technology and real-world solutions we can help you transition from fossil fuels to a green hydrogen based model ensuring your organisation stays ahead of the carbon curve in a constantly changing world.

Time is of the essence

75 years ago the Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bombs released enough heat energy to melt sand and turn it into glass. Burning fossil fuels has created a “Carbon dioxide duvet” which is trapping the equivalent heat energy of three atomic bombs per second, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year! Source Mark Lynas " Six Degrees our final warning"

To quote Sir David Attenborough, "Humans are exterminating all life on Earth faster than ever before, despite over 25 years of UN warnings and scientific reports." 

What is the best way to help protect the environment?

One of the most effective actions we can all take is to support the Ecocide campaign to give legal protection to biodiversity. 

Keep all fossil fuels where they belong, in the ground! This shocking fossil fuel cover up has just been exposed in the USA Senate.

Learn from the best, only listen to atmospheric scientists and read peer reviewed science on environmental issues, not social media or well meaning journalists.

Research the multiple benefits of the green hydrogen economy and lobby your local MP and councillors to invest in proven zero carbon solutions which can be installed today. Trying to upgrade outdated technology with Carbon Capture & Storage (CCS) allows fossil fuel companies to continue business as usual and is facing mounting legal challenges.