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    Pl​anet Before Profit

"Every six hours enough solar energy hits the deserts of the world to provide 100% of humanities energy needs for one year"

This astonishing fact can help decarbonise our world  

by using sunshine (and or wind) and PEM electrolyser technology we can produce unlimited quantities of affordable green hydrogen. This clean and versatile fuel can power our homes, offices, heavy industry, agriculture and all forms of transport including shipping and aviation.

Based on proven technology and real-world solutions we can solve the global energy crisis, enhance energy security and replace fossil fuel volatility with green hydrogen stability.

The twin keys to a rapid energy transition from fossil fuels to a green hydrogen based economy are scale and multi sector integration. 

Our "Avalon" smart city model demonstrates how to use these keys efficiently and profitably whilst protecting the environment, improving air quality and increasing biodiversity.

Avalon adapts and combines energy generation and storage technologies with vertical farming and Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) to dramatically reduce costs and increase efficiency. 

Our UK production cost of green hydrogen is under £1.00 per Kg making hydrogen based transport a lower cost option than fossil fuels.

In September 2021 both Bloomberg and Goldman Sachs predicted that soaring gas and crude oil prices will continue well into 2022 and oil will stabilise above $100 a barrel for the "foreseeable future".

Our solutions integrate green hydrogen into our daily lives, without disrupting existing lifestyles and freedom of choice. We meet multiple local, national and UN sustainability goals by increasing energy, food & water security, improving local peoples health and wellbeing and respecting the natural world.