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    Pl​anet Before Profit

"Every 24 hours global winds generate enough energy to provide 100% of humanities power requirements for one year"

Harnessing this energy brings fossil free energy security    

Our community energy projects use advanced wind turbines and hydrogen electrolysers to produce affordable, zero carbon green hydrogen and electricity.

You provide the land, we provide the infrastructure

Our modular infrastructure can be deployed on just a few acres or scaled to power entire cities. Our solutions are safe, clean and include biodiversity restoration which increases the value of your land.

Our community proposal is a simple win win deal

We pay all the upfront planning, development and infrastructure costs. The land owner and surrounding community share in the profits, a genuine and ethical win win ROI.

Replace fossil fuel volatility with hydrogen stability

Our cooperative approach to energy generation gives the power back to the local community who become shareholders in their own zero carbon energy company. 

True zero carbon fuel for transport, agriculture and homes

From cars and busses to farm machinery and domestic heating, we can decarbonise transport, agriculture and housing to create sustainable communities, increase biodiversity and protect the environment. 

25% cheaper than fossil fuels

Our green hydrogen production cost is under £1.00 per Kg, resulting in 25% savings compared to fossil fuels. Contact us to find out how our energy solutions can benefit your community and the environment.